Safety Alert FAQ

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How can I tell if my launcher is affected by this technical issue?
The email that went out to customers has a link to our safety page. There is a video demonstrating how to tell if your launcher is affected.

How can I get the free factory update of my safety mechanism?
On the same service page that provides the information on how to test your launcher is a form to complete and submit online.

Is it safe to use my affected launcher if I don’t want to get it modified or while I am waiting for the update rollout?
Yes. It is completely safe to use the launcher without the safety modification. Moreover, once you go through the complete protocol to test your launcher, your safety will operate properly even if it is affected unless you repeat the improper sequence of events again (pulling trigger in “FIRE” without CO2 and then installing CO2 and pulling trigger in “SAFE”).

Will testing the launcher damage it?
No. Performing the protocol to test your launcher does not damage it in any way.

How can I find my launcher’s serial number to fill out the service request form?
The serial number (for launchers that have them) is right behind the trigger pull on the base of the launcher’s barrel. Not all launchers have serial numbers but not having one will not disqualify a launcher from the update.

What will it cost to update the safety mechanism of affected launchers?
There is no cost to the customer. Byrna will bear all costs including round trip postage in the continental United States.

How long I have to wait for my Byrna to be returned if I send it in for the factory update?
This information will be provided as soon as we are ready to begin the update rollout, but we expect the round trip process to be less than 10 days.

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