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Shipping Restrictions

Shipping Restrictions

In the US there are restrictions that vary by state and municipality on where the Byrna HD, Byrna HD Max projectiles, and Byrna HD Pepper projectiles can be carried or used, markings that may be required, and other issues. Each customer is responsible for checking the law in his or her own state and municipality.

The shipping restrictions set forth below apply only to direct to consumer e-commerce sales and may not apply to sales by authorized local dealers in those states.

Byrna HD Max restrictions:

At this time, we do not ship any Byrna HD Max product to New York, Wisconsin, Michigan or California.

Byrna HD Pepper Restrictions:

At this time, we do not ship any Byrna HD Pepper product to California or New York.

At this time we do not ship any products to:

  • Alaska

  • Hawaii

  • Manhattan, NY

  • Bronx, NY

  • Brooklyn, NY

  • Queens, NY

  • Staten Island, NY

  • Yonkers, NY

  • Washington, D.C.

  • San Francisco, CA

  • Portland, OR

If your ship-to destination is California, only the Byrna HD Kinetic Kits and Byrna HD Launcher Only Kits can be shipped to your location.