Frequently Asked Questions

The Byrna is a compact gas-fired non-lethal personal security device developed by Security Devices International Inc. (OTCQB:SDEV) for the purpose of having a safe and effective medium range weapon for self-defense. Our first generation product is the Byrna HD (Home Defense). The Byrna HD shoots .68 caliber pepper filled rounds at high speeds, which upon impact, burst open and disperses a cloud of powerful pepper powder. The non lethal device is manufactured using glass-reinforced polymers and aircraft grade aluminum. It contains more than 80 piece parts, incorporating technology from real firearms and gas-fired launchers.

The Byrna HD, which uses a gas-fired propulsion mechanism to shoot .68 caliber rounds, is not classified by the ATF as a firearm. In general, the Byrna personal security device is legal to own in all 50 U.S. states except California and Minnesotta. Some states and local municipalities regulate the possession and use of the Byrna and/or the pepper filled rounds. Click here for an overview of some of the state by state regulations related to owning a Byrna.

Please check with your state and local ordinances. The Byrna is intended for self-defense in the home, business, or where permissible and reasonably needed for self-defense. If it is brandished or used in a threatening manner other than for self-defense, pointed at a law enforcement officer, or used in the commission of a crime, you may be subject to civil and criminal penalties.

If you are flying, most airlines will NOT allow CO2 cartridges or live pepper filled rounds to be in either carry-on or checked luggage.  Generally on domestic flights, your Byrna can be carried unloaded in checked luggage but always check with your airline and check the local and airport laws where you are flying from and to. Some international flights will permit the Byrna to be carried in checked luggage; others will require locked gun cases; some will not allow at all.  The rules for packing unloaded gas-powered weapons (like paintball guns, pellet guns and airsoft guns) are usually available on the airline’s web page and through TSA. Be aware of local regulations vary concerning the transportation of gas-powered weapons in cars so it’s your responsibility to check the rules where you live and where you intend to travel with your Byrna before going.

The Byrna HD uses a 8 gram CO2 cartridge. There is NO standard size among suppliers. To ensure that the Byrna HD functions correctly, please purchase the CO2 cartridges from our online store. The Byrna HD Ready Kit comes with 2 CO2 cartridges.

One 8 gram CO2 cartridge should consistently fire 10 .68 caliber pepper filled or training projectiles. It may fire up to 20 rounds, but we recommend a new cartridge after two magazines for maximum consistent performance. 

We recommend switching out a new CO2 cartridge after every sustained use after the CO2 is punctured as CO2 may leak out over prolonged periods. Keep in mind the Byrna HD is a self-defense tool so it is recommended that you keep an un-punctured CO2 cartridge inside the Byrna after each use. The Byrna incorporates puncture technology to allow it to fire on the first trigger pull. Please heed caution.

The Byrna HD is very compact. It is similar to a Glock 19. The exact dimensions and specifications are available on the product page. We have custom designed side holsters and IWB holsters that allow the Byrna HD to sit comfortable at your side in a secure and inconspicuous manner.

The Byrna HD shoots .68 caliber round projectiles. We sell self-defense rounds filled with a mix of OC powder and PAVA. We also sell self-defense rounds that are filled only with OC powder for use in the states that require that (NY, WI, NV, MI).  We also sell practice rounds filled with an inert type powder and hard plastic training rounds.

The Byrna is currently offered in South Africa outside of the U.S. Please contact and visit our dealer for more information. We are looking to expand worldwide. Please subscribe to our mailing list at the bottom of the page and check back with us regularly to find out where else the Byrna is offered. For dealers and distributors outside the U.S., please contact for business inquiries.

We will be offering additional colors in the future. At the moment, the Byrna is available in Byrna Orange, Desert Tan, White Camouflage.

Yes, please refer to the operating manual.

No. While .68 caliber is a commonly available projectile size, the Byrna HD live pepper and training rounds are specifically tested and approved with the Byrna HD. Non Byrna HD rounds can break inside the magazine / barrel during fire or get stuck in the detents of the Byrna and void the warranty.