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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I modify or cancel my order?

Once your order is shipped, we are not able to modify or edit the order. We can cancel your order if it has not shipped, and you can reorder with the changes you would like to make. If it has shipped, you can return your order if it meets the return / cancellation requirements.

What are the details of the Safety Alert?

What is the Byrna SD?

The Byrna HD, SD and LE are compact non-lethal personal security devices developed by Byrna Technologies Inc. NASDAQ:BYRN. We believe these launchers to be the safest, most effective and most reliable non-lethal self-defense weapons on the market today. The Byrna’s ergonomic design and patented 1st shot pull-pierce technology, makes these launchers easy to use whether you are a private citizen or a seasoned law enforcement professional.

The Byrna handheld launchers can fire a range of .68 caliber projectiles from environmentally friendly practice rounds, to hard polymer (kinetic) rounds that can be used for training or self-defense, to chemical irritant rounds designed for self-defense. These chemical irritant rounds are engineered to burst upon impact, dispersing a cloud of powerful pepper and/or tear gas powder capable of disabling an attacker for up to 30 minutes.

The Byrna compact size and line of custom-made holsters and carry bags, makes the Byrna easy to take with you wherever you go. More importantly, with its patented “1st shot pull-pierce” technology, the Byrna is always ready to use. You can leave it in your nightstand, glovebox or by your front door for days, weeks, months or even years and it will always be ready to fire on the first pull of the trigger.

The Byrna range of launchers are manufactured from the highest quality glass-reinforced polymers and aircraft grade aluminum. They contain more than 100 precision parts, and incorporates patented technology that allows the Byrna to operate very much like a real firearm. The Byrna is the ideal choice whether you use it for training and self-defense or simply backyard fun.

How does the Byrna SD work?

Is the Byrna considered to be a firearm by the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms?

No. The Byrna SD is powered by compressed CO2 cartridges, just like a paintball or airsoft gun.

Will you ship the Byrna to every state in the U.S.?

The Byrna is legal in all 50 states, however, certain states place restrictions on the “pepper” and “tear gas” ammo. In addition, certain municipalities place restrictions on CO2 powered weapons such as the Byrna. Please see our Shipping Restrictions Page.

How do I know where I can bring my Byrna?

We recommend that you always check state and local regulations relating to CO2 powered launchers and pepper self-defense products before traveling with your Byrna. If you are unsure you can check with the local police department. For air travel questions see below.

How big is the Byrna? Will it fit in a holster?

The Byrna is roughly the size of a compact 9mm handgun. We sell tactical holsters that have been custom designed to comfortably hold your Byrna as well as nylon holsters designed for compact 9mm handguns. Please see the Product Spec Sheet for more info.

What is the difference between Byrna chemical irritant projectiles? How do I know which I should order?

Both of our chemical irritant projectiles are very effective. The Byrna Pepper rounds contain a powder mix containing 5% Pava (a synthetic form of oleoresin capsaicin – i.e. pepper). The Byrna Max rounds contain a powder mix containing 8% CS (tear gas) and 1% OC (oleoresin capsaicin). Certain states restrict the sale of sprays or powdered projectiles that include CS. See Shipping Restrictions for further information.

See Safety Data Sheets for chemical content of the Byrna Max projectiles and the Byrna Pepper projectiles for more info.

I live in a restricted area and you don’t ship Byrna Max projectiles or Byrna Pepper projectiles there at this time. How can I purchase them?

You would have to ship to a destination that is not restricted. Please contact customer service at if you have any questions. We do not offer legal advice. Each customer is responsible for checking the laws in his or her own area before purchasing any products as state, county, and local regulations may vary. If you are unsure of the laws in your area, please seek legal counsel.

Can I use the Byrna for paintball?

No. While the Byrna uses the same basic technology as a paintball gun, it is much more powerful than a standard paintball gun and will often cause a  paintball to rupture upon firing. This could damage your Byrna. For this reason, you should not use the Byrna for paintball and using it with incompatible non-Byrna projectiles or CO2 canisters will void your warranty.

Is it safe to point the Byrna at someone’s head or neck if it is empty?

No. The Byrna should never be pointed or fired at the head, neck or back whether it is loaded or not (except in self-defense if you fear for your life). Even when the Byrna  is empty the force of the gas at close range, could cause serious injury or death.

Is the Byrna available outside of the U.S?

The Byrna is currently offered only in the U.S., Canada Puerto Rico, Poland, France, Argentina and South Africa. If you are interested in placing an order for delivery in South Africa you can visit our South African website if you are interested in placing an order for delivery in South Africa.
If you are interested in placing an order for delivery in Canada please visit our Canadian website

We are looking to expand worldwide. Please subscribe to our mailing list at the bottom of the page and check back with us regularly to find out where else the Byrna is offered. For dealer and distributor inquiries outside the U.S., please contact

I’m worried the police could think the Byrna is a real gun and shoot me

The Byrna is available in a number of colors including Safety Orange and Less-Lethal Yellow to indicate that you are using a less-lethal weapon. Police are familiar with the meaning of these colors and they themselves will only carry the Orange or Yellow Byrnas. If you purchase one of our other colors, the Byrna may be mistake for a firearm. This is intentional.

The form factor of the Byrna is, in and of itself, a deterrent. Many Byrna owners have stopped a mugging, car jacking or home invasion, simply by presenting the Byrna.

The Byrna is intended only for recreation, training or self-defense. It should never be drawn in situations where police are present to offer assistance.

Why doesn't the Byrna have an orange tip?

Byrnas are not equipped with an orange tip because they are not toys. The orange tip is designed to convey that “gun” is not an actual weapon. The Byrna is a weapon, albeit a less-lethal weapon. Accordingly, we do not sell to anyone under 18.

Can I be arrested for using the Byrna?

While the use of a Byrna for self-defense is generally legal, as with any weapon, the determination of self-defense is case specific and fact dependent. Additionally, certain municipalities prohibit the use of CO2 fired weapons such as the Byrna. Use of the Byrna in restricted areas may subject you to civil and criminal penalties, including incarceration.

Use of the Byrna offensively or in furtherance of a crime is always illegal and may subject you to civil and criminal penalties, including incarceration.

Like any other weapon, be it a hammer, knife or baseball bat, the Byrna should never be brandished or used in a threatening or menacing manner, except as necessary in the defense of oneself or others.

How can I take my Byrna with me when I travel by air?

The FAA allows you to carry an unloaded Byrna in your checked luggage. This is specifically permitted under the exception afforded to “Compressed Gas” guns. The Byrna LE Training Team carries their Byrna launchers with them in their checked luggage on a regular basis.

We recommend ordering CO2 cannisters to be delivered to your intended destination before traveling by air. We also recommend that you can print out and include in your luggage (with your Byrna) the TSA Regulation for Compressed Air Guns

What kind of CO2 cartridge do I need for the Byrna SD / HD / LE?

Byrna HD and SD Launchers are powered by 8-gram Byrna CO2 cannisters. The Byrna LE is powered by a 12-gram Byrna CO2 cannister. There is no standard size among suppliers for these cannisters so we recommend you use only Byrna brand cartridges which may be purchased from our online store. Use of non-conforming cartridges may compromise your Byrna’s performance, damage your Byrna or get stuck in the launcher. For this reason, use on non-Byrna CO2 cannisters will void your warranty.

Additionally, in every box of Byrna 8-gram and 12-gram CO2 there is one “Oiler” cannister that contains a non-oil based lubricant. It is important to keep your Byrna lubricated to improve performance and extend the life of the launcher.

How long will a CO2 cartridge last?

Byrna CO2 cartridges have a virtually indefinite shelf life prior to being pierced. With Byrna’s patented 1st shot pull-pierce technology, the cannister is not pierced until the trigger is pulled so you can always keep an un-punctured CO2 cannister in your Byrna to maximize its utility for self-defense. We recommend loading a new CO2 cannister after every use of the Byrna because once the cannister is punctured, CO2 will leak out over a 24-hour period.

How many projectiles can I fire on a CO2 cartridge?

A single Byrna 8-gram CO2 cannister should consistently fire 20 - 25 projectiles. The Byrna 12-gram CO2 cannister should consistently fire 25 - 35 projectiles.

Does the Byrna require any maintenance?

Yes. Please refer to the Operating Manual.  Relying on any tool for your protection means you need to ensure that tool is properly maintained. One of the great features of the Byrna launcher is how easy it they are to maintain. Here is a short BYRNA PRO TIP video that explains how to maintain your launcher with our oiler and brush kit:

How can I become a Byrna dealer or distributor?

Dealers and distributors please contact for business inquiries.

Is the Byrna available in any other color?

Depending upon the model, Byrna launchers are currently available in Safety Orange, Desert Tan, Black, Grey, Less-Lethal Yellow and Pink.

Can I shoot any .68 caliber rounds with the Byrna?

No. Byrna projectiles are manufactured for use with Byrna Launchers pursuant to our specifications. Third party rounds are not tested for use with the Byrna and may not match our specifications. There is no assurance that non-Byrna projectiles will be effective in stopping an assailant. Non-Byrna rounds may also break or get jammed inside the magazine or barrel. For this reason Byrna use of non-Byrna projectiles will void your warranty.

Will the Byrna Chemical Irritant Projectiles burst if someone is wearing a puffy jacket?

Byrna Chemical Irritant Projectiles are constructed to break on impact so a puffy jacket, loose clothing or anything that partially absorbs the force of that impact can make them less effective. The Byrna can be aimed to impact the ceiling above the target, the wall next to the target or a nearby tree if they present a more accessible point of impact. Here is a short Byrna Pro Tip video where we discuss your options for shot placement during encounters where impacting someone directly may not be your best option, or not an option at all:

Will the Byrna work in cold weather?

Byrna launchers have an operating range from 32° Fahrenheit (0° Celsius) to 120° Fahrenheit (48° Celsius). Colder temperatures will reduce the pressure of the CO2 and will adversely affect the performance of the launcher both reducing the speed of the projectile and the number of shots that you will get from a single CO2 cannister. If you have a problem with your launcher in cold weather, we recommend that you remove the CO2 cannister and clear the breach of any projectiles according to the instructions in your operations manual, load a fresh CO2 cannister that is at room temperature.

To prevent problems related to cold or frozen CO2 cannisters we recommend:

1. Storing your loaded launcher and CO2 cannisters at room temperature;

2. Not leaving CO2 cannisters or loaded Byrna launchers in your glove box or outside for an extended period when the weather is below freezing; and

3. Carrying your launcher and your spare CO2 cannisters under a jacket or vest and in close contact with your body when carrying Byrna Launchers outside in winter conditions.

These precautions will reduce the risk that pressure in your cartridge will drop below the level needed for effective operation.