Byrna 7-Round Magazine

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Product Update:

When using the 7 round magazine there are a few things you want to consider. 

By completely redesigning the follower, body, and spring geometry, our engineers were able to fit 2 more rounds in the same space as the five round magazine, and as such, rounds loaded in the 7 round mag are under more force than they are in the 5 round magazine.

Because our chemical payload rounds are designed to break on impact, this additional force means there is a greater chance they could break in the magazine.

So if you are concerned that this may happen, consider using your payload rounds or even mixing kinetic and payload rounds (like max and pepper) in the 5 round magazine and then save your 7 round magazine for solid kinetic rounds.

Everyone's situation will vary but this pre-planning and strategizing before hand is absolutely critical so that when the time comes, you’ll be prepared to defend.


Product Features:

  • - Allows 7-round capacity

  • - Same size as previous magazine

  • - Sits flush within the magazine well

  • - Compatible with all Byrna Pistol-Style Launchers

  • - Fits flush inside Byrna Mag Defenders

Product Care Tips:

To ensure continued reliability of your 7 round magazines, please follow the steps below:

- If you experience any jams, clean the magazine with water and thoroughly dry.
- Flush with water and thoroughly dry if dust or powder builds up.
- Proactively wash the magazine after 2-3 loading cycles with powder-filled projectiles.


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