If They Only Had a Byrna: Man killed by police beanbag shotgun

On this episode of, if they only had a Byrna. A man in Fullerton California is killed by a bean bag shotgun after an encounter with police. On Wednesday, March 6th, 2024, police responded to several reports of a man possibly high on narcotics, acting erratically outside of a Fullerton McDonalds. Upon their arrival, the man became increasingly agitated and began swinging his belt at the officers.

After attempting to negotiate with the subject for 10 minutes one officer unsuccessfully deployed an electro-conductive weapon, further agitating the individual. A second officer eventually fired four less-lethal direct impact or bean bag rounds for a 12ga shotgun, subduing the suspect.

However, upon reaching the subject, they observed that one of the bean bag rounds had penetrated his chest causing massive bleeding, and despite treatment, the suspect would be pronounced dead a short time later.

If they only had a Byrna, then officers would have had the option to first deploy max or pepper rounds indirectly, using just the cloud of chemical agents to subdue the suspect. And if they needed to escalate to direct impact, all of the Byrna rounds have been extensively tested by third-party labs to assure that the chance of penetration or causing serious bodily injury, even at point-blank ranges is almost non-existent.

While officers deployed the less-lethal rounds as they were trained this isn’t the first time that this type of ammo has caused serious bodily injury. And it is very likely that a lengthy investigation could result in both criminal and civil penalties for the officers, the city, and the manufacturer.


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