Byrna Conducts Law Enforcement Training in Brazil

As we move into 2024, Byrna is continuing to sweep the globe. Recently, US instructors with Byrna’s law enforcement division, in conjunction with Byrna Latin America, spent several days in Brazil conducting a multi-day, technical presentation to a host of law enforcement agencies from around the country. Over 100 officials from various entities including the Brazilian federal police, riot control units, corrections facilities, and state and local police traveled hundreds of miles to see the Byrna line of products in action.

This presentation included a discussion on use of force, a weapon and chemical familiarization, and several live fire reality-based demonstrations where attendees could participate to really understand the Byrna’s potential and how it could best fit into their ecosystem. The enthusiasm of the participants and desire to get their officers the tools to help them protect themselves and the community is a clear sign that, in Brazil, law enforcement is prepared to defend.


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