Len Elmore: Retired NBA Player, Former Brooklyn Prosecutor, and Supporter of Byrna Less-Lethal

Len Elmore grew up in public housing in New York and from there has amassed an extensive resume that has deeply influenced his ethics today. After a career in the NBA, Len decided to fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming a lawyer and found himself immersed in the intellectually fruitful environment of Harvard. From there his path took him to the public defender's office, then to Brooklyn as a prosecutor from which he decided to bring his wealth of knowledge to create his own sports management company. Finally, Len followed his belief in empowering others and became a lecturer at Columbia University.

His accumulated life experience has brought an in depth appreciation for the sanctity and preservation of life all the while understanding that the real world poses a threat to one's self-defense. In Byrna Len has found the perfect solution that can help allow people to live their life in a safe and productive manner while also avoiding the consequences of taking a life when protecting themselves.


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