If they only had a Byrna... Family Dollar customer arrested after shooting unarmed thief

On this episode of “If they only Had A Byrna”… a customer at a family dollar store outside Dallas witnesses a man who had attempt to steal items from the store get into a physical altercation with two store employees.

The customer then pulled a gun and shot the suspect as he was attempting to flee the store, killing him. The shooter has since been charged with murder as the suspect was unarmed at the time of the shooting.

If he had only had a Byrna, the customer would have been able to use Byrna Max or Byrna pepper rounds in a direct or indirect manner to incapacitate the attacker until police arrived to apprehend the suspect. The suspect would be alive and facing justice for his crime, and the customer would be hailed a hero instead of facing jail time.

Be smart, be safe, and be prepared to defend


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