Byrna Pro Tip: Interfacing with your TCR

One of the best parts of Byrna’s TCR is its ability to be incredibly accurate, so in order to capitalize on that capability we want to make sure you are interfacing with the launcher as effectively as possible. When bringing the launcher up to your shoulder, make sure your upper body stays squared off to your target, and address your sights, you should bring your head straight down, not cant your head way over to the side. Keeping your head upright, gets you on the sights quicker, helps maintain better situational awareness and is just more comfortable. Also, focus on keeping your elbows tight and pinned to your body, not flared out like a set of wings. Not only does this keep you more compact, but it employs a larger set of muscle groups to hold the launcher up, and also uses your whole body to keep it more stable and reduce the onset of fatigue.


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