Byrna On The Front Lines of the Texas-Mexico Border

Galveston Constable Jimmy Fullen, appointed by a Texas county judge, has taken on the significant role of lead coordinator for the Southern Border Taskforce. Despite the distance, Fullen's dedication sees him and his officers traveling six hours from his home to Kinney County, Texas, a testament to his commitment to aiding those on the front lines of a challenging situation.

In the face of the complex and often heart-wrenching realities at the border, where illegal migrants, criminals and drug cartels cross into unfamiliar territory, driven by the hope for a better life, and local law enforcement strives to maintain order, Fullen has found solace in Byrna—a less-lethal option for stopping power. This choice reflects a deep-seated belief in preserving human dignity, even in the most trying circumstances.

"Every time I've deployed my Byrna, it's been effective every time, and I've had everyone comply once they've been hit," Fullen shares, his voice tinged with the gravity of his experiences. Each deployment is a heavy decision, weighed with the understanding that it impacts real lives—lives caught in the delicate balance of law, hope, and survival. Through it all, Fullen's actions are driven by a profound sense of duty and a heartfelt desire to ensure safety for all involved, highlighting the emotional depth and complexity of his role on the border.


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