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No background checks, no permits required, legal in all 50 states.

After the Land Rover Experience's Picks

The Ultimate Adventure Backpack Bundle

PRICE: $748.97 $648.97

Explore the wild with confidence while being able to conceal carry your Byrna Launcher and other essentials while you’re off-the-grid.

The Bundle Includes:

  • (1) Byrna Balllistipac Basic Backpack
  • (2) 11 x 14 Byrna Shield Bullet-Resistant Plates
  • (1) Byrna Level II Holster

Byrna SD Launcher

MSRP: $379.99

  • Projectiles speeds of up to 300 fps (181 MPH)
  • Ergonomic honeycob grip for better control in all conditions
  • Improved sights for faster taret acquisition
  • 15-20 Rounds (at full speed) per 8g CO2 cylinder
  • Ambidextrous safe/fire switch that allows for easy toggling

The Byrna SD Kit Includes:

  • Byrna SD Launcher
  • (2) 5-Rd Magazine
  • (2) 8g CO2 Cylinders
  • (3) 5ct Tubes of Byrna Projectiles
  • Byrna EVA Carry Case

Byrna TCR Pro Bundle

MSRP: $749.99

  • 300+ average FPS
  • Patented Activation: Trigger Pull Punctures CO2 Cartridge
  • Quick Release Magazines
  • Quad Picatinny Rail with Vertical Foregrip
  • Collapsible Buttstock with Adjustable Cheek Riser
  • Compact and Lightweight

The TCR Pro Bundle Includes:

  • Byrna TCR Launcher
  • (1) 12 Rd Magazine
  • (1) 7 Rd Magazine
  • Discreet Carry Case


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