You are caught in road rage incident... Now What???

We’ve all seen the videos… you’re stuck in traffic and somehow a misunderstanding has erupted into a full blown road rage event, another driver is banging on your window trying to get into your car, and you are stuck… now what?

The important thing here is to not get out of your car if you don’t have to, and if there is ANY route to drive away, TAKE IT, even if you have to break a traffic rule to do it. Get to safety.

But if you can’t and the assailant has a weapon that’s likely to break your window or your window is already down use your Byrna launcher from inside your car. This is one of the big reasons that my first two rounds are kinetic rounds. Its likely that if I have to deploy my Byrna in this situation with max or pepper rounds I am going to be within that 5 foot cloud of chemical agent.

With 2 kinetic rounds, those may be enough to stop the threat but should at least be enough to back them up giving me some distance before deployment chemical rounds. During this entire encounter though, you should continually look for a way out and take it at the first opportunity.

These events can be very intense and happen with seconds, but with these tips you should be prepared to defend.


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