Top 5 Byrna Summer Travel Tips

As the warmer weather quickly approaches so does that summer travel season. And we are here in THE most popular beach in the US to bring you the top 5 Byrna tips for your summer vacation.

1: If you are one of the 208 million Americans that will be road tripping this summer make sure the launcher is accessible from your seat, not stowed in the trunk or in a bag way in the back seat. If a threat presents itself, it will rarely give you time to run to the trunk or rummage around your luggage.

2: While in your car, keep your Byrna concealed in a center console, door panel, or glove box. While byrna launchers are legal in all 50 states overtly displaying the launcher may very well cause some undue attention and spoil that vacation early.

3: Maybe you’re one of the 134 million Americans that are flying commercial to your destination this summer. In that case, your Byrna launcher can come along with you in your checked baggage along with any type of Byrna projectiles and they do not need to be declared like firearms.

4: While the FAA technically allows CO2 cartridges on commercial flights, the TSA does have some policies in place that may prohibit them. So, if you are carrying an SD, think about dropping a couple of 8gr CO2 cartridges in the mail to meet you at your final destination. Or if you are carrying a Byrna LE, you’ll likely be able to grab some 12gr CO2 cartridges at any sporting goods, hardware, or big box store after arriving.

5: Remember, on vacation, we tend to dress very differently than in our normal lives. So think about how you are going to carry your launcher while on holiday. If you are going to be spending a week in a bathing suit, make sure bring along a sling bag or waist pack to carry your launcher in. And here is a bonus tip… Be aware of your surroundings. Many of us tend to get a little complacent on vacation so be proactive about spotting potential issues early. Remember, the best defense is avoiding the problem altogether, but just in case that isn’t an option with these tips and a Byrna as a travel companion you will certainly be prepared to defend.


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