If they only had a Byrna... NYPD Cop gets assaulted by multiple suspects

On this episode of “If they only had a Byrna” …

A New York City Police Officer was assaulted by two male suspects after he and his partner asked them to put out their cigarettes in a Bronx subway station. In this video we can see both the suspects attacking one of the officers striking him in the head multiple times.

The officer was able to disengage from the attack but had to re-engage the suspects in order to put them into custody at which point they began fighting again. Eventually the suspects were arrested but both officers sustained injury during the altercation.

If they had only had a Byrna, the officers may have been able to deploy max or kinetic rounds if they had initially seen signs of aggression when they first approached the suspects. If they initial assault happened to quickly, like they often do, the officers could have used used chemical rounds to subdue the assailants once they were able to disengage from the attack before trying to take them into custody, keeping the officers from sustaining further injury.

Be smart, be safe, and be prepared to defend.


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