If They Only Had a Byrna: Mother of Four Kills Intruder and Faces Eviction


On this episode of “if they only had a Byrna”… A mother of four shot and killed a 14 year old boy that she claims was an intruder trying to crawl in through a window in her daughters bedroom. While the legality of the shooting is still under investigation, she is now facing eviction from the apartment complex for violating the terms of her lease by having a firearm inside the apartment. Apartment management claims that the mother was aware of the restriction as it was in the lease agreement and has given her 30 days to vacate the residence.


If they had only had a Byrna… the mother of four would have had a viable option to address this possible threat. Using Byrna max or even kinetic rounds, she may have been able to ward off the possible intruder before having to resort to lethal means, while still effectively protecting her children. Having a Byrna inside her apartment also would not have been a violation of the terms of her lease and its likely she would not be facing eviction. Regardless of whether the eviction will stick or not, it is clear that the Byrna would have saved her and her family from an unwarranted legal battle on top of the battle she’ll have to fight for using deadly force to protect her loved ones.


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