Sudecon - Chemical Decontamination Wipes (4 Pack)

Byrna supports our heroes. Military, First-Responders and Teachers receive 10% off. (*restrictions apply, discount taken at checkout)

Sudecon wipes are a self-contained, all-in-one, decontamination towelette designed to remove the active ingredients found in Byrna’s Max and Pepper rounds as well as commercial chemical agent sprays from exposed areas of the body.  Sudecon’s solution contained in the wipes is all natural, non-toxic and ingestible.

To use the wipe, tear open the packet, remove the towelette, and squeeze the contents directly into the eyes.  Then use the towelette to thoroughly wipe exposed areas.  Ingredients in the wipe soak up the chemical agents from the skin, greatly reducing the normal decontamination time.  Sudecon wipes are also great for cleaning up any hard surface that may contain errant irritants. 

If you are carrying a Byrna or any chemical defense product, make sure a Sudecon wipe is within easy reach so that if the time comes, you are prepared to defend.


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