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Welcome to the Learn Safe Program

The mission at Learn Safe, is to help districts promote and maintain safe and secure learning communities by providing training, resources, and equipment assistive to the prevention, de-escalation, and qualified response to an active shooter or other critical situation that may occur on a school campus. Learn Safe innovators include former education commissioners, statewide safe schools project directors, school district leadership and board members, and nationally recognized law enforcement professionals. In our over twenty-two years of qualified experience in responding to critical incidents on a school campus, we have not seen a better solution. Learn Safe is absolutely the answer we have been waiting for.

Learn Safe provides training and tools that support a comprehensive review of current trends in school safety and assists all district stakeholders by providing:

  • Improved understanding of the causes and solutions for school violence.
  • Qualified guidance and support for the Texas School Marshal Program.
  • Professional training for ISD Law Enforcement Agencies and School Resource Officers.
  • Understanding and supporting adolescent development, student mental health, social/emotional learning, and positive behavior supports. 
  • Review fo the School Safety and Audit Toolkit, included in TEC 37.108, as developed by the TxSSC.
  • Exploring available programs to implement approved training for the use of a bleed control station pursuant to (TEC), §38.030, as added by TX House Bill (HB) 496.
  • Policy development to include standard operating procedures, process governance, and qualified immunity as provided by TX HB 1788.
  • Safe and appropriate use of approved less lethal protective tools to effectively deter, disorient, and disarm an active shooter or other violent attacker on campus. 
  • An opportunity to experience real life scenarios through the Learn Safe simulations training, which provides vital experiential development in a safe and controlled learning laboratory.

    Most importantly, Learn Safe training:

    • Meets Title IV, Part A criteria and is an allowable/eligible expense. 
    • Provides the best practice prevention education, coupled with a less-lethal protective device for the campus law enforcement officer, marshal, administrator, and classroom teacher. 
    • Aligns with the qualified immunity for school personnel and volunteers as provided by HB 1788.

    In conjunction with Learn Safe training, the Byrna Less-Lethal Protective Device gives school law enforcement officers and educators a highly effective first line of defense that provides an immediate and successful response to an active shooter or other violent offender.

    The Byrna is a less-lethal, handheld, pneumatic launcher powered by internally housed, compressed CO2. It deploys .68 caliber encapsulated projectiles of various types to include OC (pepper powder) and is capable of accurately engaging targets at a distance of over 60 feet. Projectiles can be effectively deployed through both direct, and indirect contact. This innovative technology allows for two very necessary and life-saving components during any violent incident on a school campus... distance and time.

    Understanding that the majority of school shootings and other campus based violent incidents are fast developing, happen without any prior warning, and can cause devastation that is usually done before law enforcement arrives, Learn Safe training builds capacity in all district stakeholders to identify potential risks before they happen, helping them to be better prepared for intervention and response.

    Additionally, the Byrna Launcher is the most safe and effective tool for school faculty and staff to protect the lives of all stakeholders during a critical situation, while maintaining a safe distance from the offender, and buying time for first responders to arrive on the scene. Click here to review the dispersion of the Byrna less lethal pepper powder, and its effectiveness for stopping a violent offender.

    Steps for Implementation and Associated Fees:

    • Learn Safe training, resources, and equipment is provisioned to all district law enforcement officials, public safety professionals, and (when applicable) campus marshals. Associated Title IV Part A fees: $799.00 per unit – includes all training, resources, and equipment. This comprehensive training is provided through both online and classroom sessions.
    • Learns Safe training, resources, and equipment is provisioned to all district and campus administrators, and strategic campus faculty and staff members. Learn Safe Directors will work closely with district leadership to determine best practice and results oriented strategies for the provisioning of equipment. Associated Title IV Part A fees: $699.00 per unit – includes all training, resources, and equipment. This comprehensive training is provided through both online and classroom sessions.
    • Learn Safe training is provisioned to all remaining campus faculty and staff members. Associated Title IV Part A fees: $399.00 per unit. This comprehensive training can be provided online, or through a combination of online and classroom sessions.

    As the daily news proves how critical this new solution is for every school safety and security program, we look forward to the opportunity to provide an onsite demonstration, and to further discuss how the Learn Safe Training Program can advance the goals of your school district. Please contact me personally at RJ@Byrna.com to schedule a meeting. If you would like to download the Learn Safe Training modules please use the URL or scan the QR provided during your training session.


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