Why our CRMO is thankful after a car break-in

For most people, a car break-in may not come with a sense of relief, but this one did.

Early Monday morning, Byrna’s Chief Revenue and Marketing Officer, Luan Pham, discovered his car was burglarized.

“At 1 a.m., someone broke into my car,” he said.

Pham lives in a gated community where crime is unexpected, but his windows were smashed, and the suspect(s) made off with one thing.

“They stole my Byrna,” he said. 

Although Pham is left to clean up the broken glass, he is thankful.

“They didn’t steal a real gun.”

The Byrna HD, also known as the “un-gun” is a non-lethal weapon. While it looks like a gun and performs like a gun, it is designed to be non-lethal. It is not classified as a firearm under federal law. 

“They can’t hurt themselves and I don’t need to report a stolen gun to the authorities,” he said.

So, even though Pham must replace his Byrna. He can rest easy knowing this doesn’t have the same ramifications as a stolen firearm.

Self Defense Has A New Hero. 


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