Traveling nurse doesn't leave home without her Byrna

Michelle, who is employed as a travel nurse, didn’t want to give up hiking or backpacking even when she is away from home for work, but she wanted a self-defense tool to protect her.

“I don’t believe in lethal arms of a gun. I’m scared of guns,” she said.

Her nephew, who she said is always looking for the latest devices, introduced her to Byrna. Michelle said she saw “every type of YouTube video there is” on the Byrna, so she was ready to go as soon as she received it.

“So, my husband and I, once we got it, I set it all up with his help and we went out and did target practice and he was very impressed,” she said. “I was too, but I already knew how it was gonna be. He was skeptical because he has a bunch of guns and shotguns. He’s a country guy and so when we tried this out, he was very impressed.”

Michelle said her Byrna offers the peace of mind of security for her and her husband.

“As a hospice nurse, I will take a call at night, and sometimes I’ll be out all night. And it’s just going to be an added protection in case I do go into bad neighborhoods,” she said, adding some nights she might be out at one or two in the morning.

“It’s just a measure of peace.”

(Michelle practices outdoors with her Byrna)

“It’s a win-win for me as a travel nurse and a hiker-backpacker,” she said. 

She explained that she wanted a self-defense tool that offered more protection she was comfortable with.

“I didn’t feel safe with just me or a knife. I wanted something a little more aggressive than that. I was afraid with the mace that I would just shoot myself in the eye, I wouldn’t have time to, you know, get it ready when I was being attacked, and I didn’t think it would go far enough and I couldn’t carry bear spray because it was too big and cumbersome.”

Michelle believes the Byrna will allow people like herself to enjoy more experiences.

“If you’re doing this as a solo female travel nurse or hiker-backpacker, it to me is essential for peace of mind that would allow you to go to these adventures and do these things that normal people would probably shy away from because it can appear to be very dangerous,” she said.

“But with a Byrna at my side, I really think if they were to purchase a Byrna, I really think that would give them the courage and ability to go forward and to experience all they can do with their travel nursing, and backpacking even by themselves. And have that measure of safety by them."

 Self Defense Has A New Hero.


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