Man defends himself with Byrna against intoxicated suspect

Jim Wade is thankful he had his Byrna during an encounter with a suspected intoxicated man. 

Wade said the man was driving a tractor around his neighborhood while "drunk."

“He had hit a couple of other things further up the street, and then he hit our mailbox,” Wade explained.

Wade called 9-1-1 and alerted the authorities of what was happening. Dispatchers told Wade to keep his distance and alert them if the intoxicated suspect left the area.

“So, then he saw me watching him, and I said to him, ‘you need to stay here.’ The police want to talk to you. And it was a few moments later he approached me and started running towards me,” Wade said.

Wade pulled out his Byrna and yelled at the man to stop several times.

“He kept on coming towards me and was speeding up at this point. And so, I felt the need to defend myself, so I discharged my Byrna,” Wade said.

Wade mixes the projectiles in his magazine, so the first round that exited the barrel was Kinetic followed by Byrna Max rounds. 

Wade said the suspect staggered away in the opposite direction while rubbing his eyes and coughing from the effects of the chemicals in the Byrna Max rounds.

Immediately after deploying the Byrna, Wade called 9-1-1 again to explain what happened.

Police arrived, searched for the suspect, and took him into custody.

“They had to wait on him (the suspect) to wash his eyes out. It took him awhile to wash his eyes out,” he said.


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