Let's Get Loud Byrna Nation and Start Vocalizing Your Commands

If you ever have to use a Byrna launcher to defend yourself or others, like on this city street here, there is a good chance it may be in the presence of other, non-involved people. These people may be on the other side or down the street and have no idea what happened up to this point, but you drawing a launcher definitely has their attention now!

This is why it’s so important for you to make sure everyone hears you telling that attacker to stop, get back, leave you alone, and that if time permits, that you are about to deploy a less-lethal device. [video shows a scenario of deployment and vocalizing less-lethal].

If this altercation is taking place in public, it’s also likely that your actions may be caught on camera, and vocalizing your intentions only helps strengthen your case when the event is played back.

So be ready to get loud and vocalize those commands so that if the time comes YOU are prepared to defend.


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