If They Only Had a Byrna: Police Take 4 Hours to Respond To Home Invasion

Just last month a Chicago woman was the victim of a home invasion that occurred in broad daylight when several men broke into her home while she was inside. After seeing the intruders, she yelled that she had called police at which point they promptly exited the house. The victim and her neighbor then chased the intruders down the street while calling 911.

911 dispatchers stated that police would be on their way, however it took them over four hours to reach the scene due to an overwhelming backlog of emergency calls.

If they’d only had a Byrna… This resident would have had an effective means of dealing with these intruders. Armed with a TCR or Mission 4 that could easily be kept ready in the home, she would have had an increased capacity and capability to engage multiple intruders with an overwhelming but less lethal amount of force.

This again illustrates the theory that most “criminals” that receive any resistance from their intended targets will abort their attacks. With Byrna you can make sure that you are a hard target and that YOU are prepared to defend.


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