If They Only Had a Byrna: Man Kicks Car and is Shot

On this episode of, “If They Only Had a Byrna””… a verbal altercation at a gas station escalates until one man is shot in the leg.

A witness began videoing this altercation after two men were seen engaged in a heated verbal exchange. This argument quickly escalated and one of the men became visibly aggressive, started advancing toward the other subject, and then began kicking his truck.

The second subject then drew a firearm and fired one shot, striking the aggressive male. If they only had a Byrna… the subject that fired the gun could have instead used a Byrna SD or LE loaded with max or pepper rounds to quickly deter the aggressive subject from any further advance and to keep him from causing further damage to his vehicle. Considering the suspect was unarmed the legality of the shooting will surely come into question, and this subject will likely be facing criminal charges for using an unnecessary amount of force.

Remember, the level of force used in self-defense must be reasonable to level of the threat, so be smart, be safe, and be prepared to defend.


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