Byrna Pro Tips: Defend Your Home Against Intruder Series // Critical Response Tactics – Responding to the Threat


Critical Response Tactics – Responding to the threat

  • Positioning lethal weapons
    • Keeping them locked and secured
    • Keeping them out of reach of your bed: brain fog
  • Positioning less-lethal weapons
    • Can be at the ready
  • Having flashlights available
    • Can be used to distract
  • Announcing your presence and the fact your armed
    • May be a valid technique in some cases
  • Calling 911 at the first safe time to do so
  • Room clearing tactics
    • Using angles / basic threshold evaluation
    • Using reflective surfaces to see around corners / rooms
    • Keeping your distance from corners
    • Controlling their access routes to you
  • How to use less-lethal in an indirect manner before you see the suspect
  • The goal is not to neutralize the assailant, its to protect yourself, your family, and to facilitate escape


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