Byrna Newsdesk: 1,000 Byrna Units Deployed to Enhance Security at South American Airports

Earlier this month, Patricia Bullrich, the Argentine Minister of National Security, along with the national director of the Airport Security Police and the Secretary of Security, hosted a comprehensive demonstration of Byrna launchers at the Higher Institute of Airport Security in Buenos Aires.

Minister Bullrich highlighted the decision to equip airport security officers with 1,000 Byrna launchers, citing the device's proven effectiveness in South America, where it has been successfully deployed hundreds of times. She also referenced recent officer-involved shootings in the region, suggesting that outcomes might have been significantly improved if Byrna launchers had been used.

The demonstration included a series of reality-based scenarios that demonstrated the versatility and effectiveness of the Byrna launchers in maintaining public safety without lethal force. In her closing remarks, Minister Bullrich articulated a vision for a transformed and tranquil Argentina: “We aim to enact profound change and restore order, ensuring the safety of all Argentines. We are committed to making informed decisions that protect those who serve us. Together, we strive for a modern, secure, and peaceful Argentina.”

This event underscores Byrna's commitment to fostering safer communities worldwide by equipping individuals with the means to defend themselves responsibly.


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