Pro Tip: Safety or No Safety - The EP may be your better choice!

After training thousands of people to shoot the Byrna line of launchers, the biggest shooter error I see is the failure to disengage the safety, especially during reality based training scenarios.

If you are used to carrying and training with a firearm that doesn’t have an external safety like many of todays modern semi auto pistols, its likely that in a critical incident you will go back to how you are conditioned to respond and will NOT disengage that safety, wasting precious reaction time.

The same is true for those who are novices with firearms that haven’t had the opportunity to put in the training with a Byrna; during that dynamic reaction, the fewer steps to remember the better.

So if you are deciding which of Byrna’s handheld launchers to get, if you fall into one of these categories I would heavily consider the EP, so that if the time comes, you are prepared to defend.


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