Pro Tip: Choosing the Right Holster

On today’s pro tip, we’re going to discuss which Byrna holster is right for you, so lets skin this smoke wagon and go to work.

Byrna primarily features two types of holsters, the Nylon Waistband Holster and the Level 2 Retention holster.

The nylon holster is the more concealable option and can be configured for inside the waistband or outside the waistband carry, keeping the launcher close to your body. It can also be used with or without the retention strap, allowing you to choose your level of security.

The level 2 retention holster is a rigid holster built for professionals with elevated security in mind. With changeable mounts allowing for attachment to belts, pants, or any molle platform, the level 2 holster is for users who are wanting to secure their Byrna to multiple platforms and desire that extra security with quick deployment capability.

Both holsters are compatible with all of the Byrna handheld launchers so the only question is? Which holster will you choose to make sure you are prepared to defend.


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