Full Time Boat Owners in Tahiti Rely on Byrna to Stay Safe

Ryan and Nicole Levinson have been living aboard their boat, the Kiapa Nui, in Tahiti for the past nine years and have encountered their share of life changing experiences from their travels and adventures. Most of the memories were positive and built upon the incredible journey that island life and living on a boat brings, however the unique circumstances of their floating home has brought to light a new awareness of self-defense and safety. They have been robbed, boarded by strangers, cased by locals and have heard a plethora of frightening stories from other ocean travelers who have their run-ins with trouble.

Ryan employs his years of competitive sailing and teaching to take an analytical deep dive into how to best protect his water-bound home and discovered that Byrna was the platform that filled his need for self-defense that nothing else could.


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