Byrna Pro Tip: How to get on your sights faster

On today’s tip video we are going to talk about how to pick up those sights faster when you need to get on target in a hurry.

The Byrna SD uses standard 3 blade, fixed sights, similar to those found on most handguns, making the way you interface with both sights interchangeable.

When properly aligned, the front sight should be centered in-between the rear sights and the top of the sight blades should be completely flat across the top.

A great exercise to get on your sights faster during presentation is to punch out from the center of chest. During this presentation you should tilt the barrel up slightly so that the front sight can be picked up first. As you near the end of your presentation you should watch you front sight drop into the middle of your rear sights, stopping it when the sights are properly aligned. This keeps you from having to make a lateral correction after bringing up your front sight after your rear sights.

Repeatedly drill this exercise dry and then by stepping it up with live fire and you will no doubt decrease your on target time!

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