Byrna Pro Tip: 12 Gauge Initial Training


So you’ve got the new Byrna kinetic 12 gauge rounds in hand... now what? For me I’ll never run a new type of round in my gun without shooting it first. So I would run a box of these through your shotgun, too sure it’s compatibility and so that I understand it’s performance. If you’re using these for home defense, a good place to start is to measure the longest distance that you would find inside your home say down a long hallway or say from your front door to the sidewalk. This is another maximum realistic range that you may have to operationally deploy this.


When you’re ready to train, start with some distances between five and seven yards and then work your way back out to this maximum range. This way you have an exact idea of how the 12 gauge less lethal round is going to perform at a maximum distance that you could realistically shoot it.


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