Oregon man stocks up on Byrna amid increase in violence

For one Oregon man, the increase in violence in Portland, OR, and throughout the nation prompted him to prepare for self-defense.

“Living on the outskirts of the city with the obvious crime in the city of Portland, and the number of shootings year over year in the city of Portland and there are other parts of the country that were also experiencing higher crime and higher shootings,” Robb, a Byrna customer said. “That made me kind of cock my head to the side saying, ‘yeah, maybe we should be more prepared for the future than we are today.”

Robb is an experienced shooter and says he grew up hunting with his dad.   

“My history with firearms began at a very early age, as soon as I could get my hunting license,” he said, adding his family has “quite a collection of firearms.”

To this day, Robb said he continues to enjoy activities such as sport shooting and even kept one of his pellet guns by his bedside.

“I didn’t like the idea of having a firearm by my bed because it could be lethal. But the problem with that (the pellet gun) was that you pretty much had to have the cartridge already punctured, and assembled, which is really bad for the seals in the gun. It wasn’t a long-term strategy,” he said. “And by not puncturing the cartridge, you’re not ready to go.”

Robb was sold when he discovered the Byrna launcher and realized the CO2 cartridge can be loaded without being punctured, so it is ready when you need it.

“There’s no pre-puncture, there’s no pressure on any seals. It’s just there, and it’s ready-to-go in a split second,” he said.

Since learning about Byrna, Robb has purchased the Mission 4, Byrna HD XL, and other products from Byrna.

Purchasing a non-lethal option was a no-brainer for Robb. 

“It is important to me that if I’m in a situation where I need to protect my safety that I don’t permanently injure or permanently take another person’s life in defending my safety or my household safety. That was the number one consideration for me,” he said.

“The second consideration is all the ramifications in the legal world about what would happen if I were to permanently injure or take someone’s life with a firearm.”

Robb said his Byrna offers peace of mind and confidence.

“I just love the product. I love the company,” he said.

“I think the entire country needs a less-lethal option.”

Self Defense Has A New Hero. 


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