Byrna Hot Take: LIVE AMA #1 with Josh and Luan

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00:00 - Preshow Standby

4:50 - Livestream Start & Intro

5:50 - Where is my LE and when is 12ga shipping?

11:25 - Once pierced, how long does my Co2 last?

13:00 - The shield is great, can you make the armor cheaper?

15:05 - Discharging chemical agents in tight quarters?

17:20 - Why are the rounds so breakable?

20:40 - Can the Byrna kill someone?

23:55 - Should I modify my launcher? 25:45 - The New Byrna Target Tent!

30:25 - Can we use 3rd party CO2?

33:20 - Air travel with your Byrna?

34:58 - Is the Byrna effective against animals?

36:55 - Police encounters with the Byrna?

40:05 - More legal help for state regulations?

41:55 - More common user errors?

44:55 - Will there be a smaller Byrna?

45:55 - Can you use other .68 cal rounds?

47:00 - Should you mix ammo?

48:50 - What are the biggest misconceptions about Byrna?

52:55 - Recommendations for those with lower hand strength?

54:15 - What shotguns can I use the 12ga Kinetic in?

56:30 - How do I become a dealer?

59:00 - Gen 2 Balistipac?

Join Josh and Byrna's Chief Marketing and Revenue Officer Luan Pham while they answer your questions LIVE!!! We will also be giving away a FREE Byrna Balistipac to one of the participants, so make sure to get your question in during the broadcast!!!


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