Byrna Gazette: Ex Special Forces Ranger Verifies Effectiveness of Byrna by Taking a Round

Former Army Ranger Loston Carter wanted to show his wife just how effective less-lethal Byrna chemical irritants are in stopping a threat and sets up an at-home demonstration. 

In the driveway of their home in the state of Washington he gave his wife a Byrna HD and stood twenty feet away as a live target.  She shot him three times with the Kinetic projectile and then once with the Byrna Max loaded with the proprietary pepper and tear gas blend. 

“As former military and having been subject to CS gas and understanding the effects that that can have on a body - how quickly it’ll stop you from doing anything.  I wanted her to understand what the effects were in shooting somebody, not just on the person but on herself as well.  In one of the videos you can hear her coughing.  She’s twenty feet away down wind.  Her coughing right away instantly gave her the understanding that this is going to suck.  That’s what this is about – stopping anybody that’s coming at you.” 

The Byrna Max projectile had burst on impact with his chest and the cloud of chemical irritants immediately entered his system.  

“The snot starts coming out, the eyes are burning – it hurt more to open my eyes.  The burning – that was twenty minutes of me being blinded not being able to see.  And that was with constantly flushing my eyes with water.  The residual effects from the pepper and  
CS was stuck in my nasal passages and that kept coming back for hours.  I can tell you for sure that anybody that gets hit with these things they’re going to be feeling it for a few days.  I got some great bruising going on right now.” 

“That 300 feet per second… you definitely feel it..  Go for the chest – it’s the closest thing to the nasal passages and that’s where we want that CS going.  I’m going to be training with my wife and getting her used to shooting at the chest area.”   

“That kinetic ball is probably going to stop them or at least get them to rethink what they are fixin’ to do.”  

Loston had researched all the possible non-lethal self-defense options before finding the perfect fit. 

 “I think everyone should have one.  There should be one in every household – you can’t go wrong with getting this thing.  Protecting yourself should be one of the most important things in life.  We know that not everyone has the willpower or fortitude to pull the trigger [of a firearm] and possibly take a life. 

“Honestly I’ve been trying for the last five years to get my wife to carry a Glock.  We are a Glock family or 1911 family.  I grew up shooting at a young age.  Being prior military, that was just a part of my life.  Until we came across a Byrna, we never found anything that was suitable out there that could still keep the distance of a would-be attacker.  Byrna seemed to be the perfect product for us.  It’s as close to a pistol as you can get.” 


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