Byrna HD XL Pepper Kit

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Byrna HD XL Pepper Kit

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$459.00 MSRP
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New flagship launcher with increased shot capacity and range.

California Residents / New York Residents: Only Byrna HD XL Kinetic Kits can be shipped to California and New York.


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Our Byrna HD XL Kinetic Kit comes in a protective, zippered carrying case with everything you need to get started:


Product Benefits:

  • Increased shot capacity up to 30 rounds
  • Convenience of readily available 12 gram CO2
  • Increased muzzle velocity of 19+ avg. FPS (feet per second) over standard HD Launcher
  • 19MM barrel extension flush with boost adaptor
  • Factory installed for optimal performance

    Included in Kit:

  • One (1) Byrna XL Launcher

  • Two (2) 5-Round Magazines

  • Two (2) Byrna 12-Gram CO2 Cartridges

  • One (1) 5-Round Tubes of Byrna Pepper Projectiles

  • One (1) 5-Round Tubes of Byrna Kinetic Projectiles

  • One (1) 5-Round Tube of Byrna Eco-Kinetic Projectiles

  • One (1) #byrnanation Medallion

  • Byrna Pepper projectiles are restricted in the following states:

    At this time we do not ship any products to:

    • Hawaii

    • Manhattan, NY

    • Bronx, NY

    • Brooklyn, NY

    • Queens, NY

    • Staten Island, NY

    • Yonkers, NY

    • Washington, D.C.

    • San Francisco, CA

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