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Byrna HD Ready Kit - Bright Yellow (Kinetic Version)
Byrna HD Ready Kit - Bright Yellow (Kinetic Version)

Byrna HD Ready Kit - Bright Yellow (Kinetic Version)

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The Byrna HD Ready Kit - Bright Yellow (Kinetic Version) delivers a kinetic payload that can discourage, deter, and delay an attacker as well as provide useful training, without the necessity of traveling to a practice range.

The Byrna HD is a gas fired device that shoots 68 caliber projectiles. The Byrna HD Ready Kit (Kinetic Version) comes in Bright Yellow and contains, two (2) 5-round magazines, two (2) CO2 cartridges, three (3) 5-round tubes of Byrna Kinetic projectiles, and a #byrnanation medallion.

We do not ship the Byrna HD Ready Kit (Kinetic Version) to AK, HI, NYC (5 Boroughs + Yonkers), San Francisco, Washington DC or Portland, OR at this time.

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Size Specs

Byrna Comparison

20% - 48% smaller


Being the smallest CO2 powered pistol on the market, the Byrna is easier to carry, conceal, own and operate.

22% - 27% smaller


Weighing in at 1.3lbs fully loaded, the Byrna is lighter, more comfortable, and faster to wield.


More Options

Integrate your favorite accessory. We've created the only non-lethal device with an available professional holster.

We designed the Byrna to look and feel like a compact 9mm handgun with a width of 7.28" and height of 5.62."


Protect yourself and loved ones

Rarely does a situation call for lethal force. Everyday people are using the Byrna to protect themselves and their loved ones, and for a better piece of mind.

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