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"it's like getting shot in the face with a flame thrower"

- Robbie Wheaton - Wheaton Arms, Inc.

Upon impact, the rounds explode creating a cloud of pepper and tear gas. Exposure will induce emporary blindness, respiratory distress and a burning sensation on any exposed skin.

This reaction lasts between 5-minutes and 1-hour, giving you and your family ample time to get out of harms way.

Effective Range

Over 6x the effective range vs pepper spray

Byrna HD

That's the same length as 9.5 standard sized mattresses:

Traditional Pepper Spray

That's the same length as 9.5 standard sized mattresses:

Powdered Irritants

Significantly reduce an individual’s aggressive behavior. Effects range from uncontrollable tearing, involuntary closing of the eyes, burning and redness of the eyes and exposed skin; to coughing, gagging, and shortness of breath; to loss of motor skills or muscle coordination.


Oleoresin Capsaicin

Pepper Spray



Tear Gas


Pelargonic Acid Vanillylamide

Synthetic Pepper Spray