Byrna HD Operations Manual

What is Byrna?

Pronounced burn-nah. the Byrna is the first of its kind, a powerful air-fired handheld personal security device available to all Americans. We engineered a non-lethal device that can effectively deter, disorient and delay attackers. The compact design of the Byrna allows it to be hidden comfortably inside a purse or inside a concealed carry holster.

What does the Byrna shoot?

The Byrna shoots 68 caliber practice rounds or live rounds filled with highly potent pepper extract using a compressed gas-firing mechanism. Upon impact, the pepper particles from these rounds disperse, causing respiratory distress and temporary vision impairment to anyone exposed to the particles. The operational range of the Byrna is 60 feet.

Is this legal to own in the U.S.?

The Byrna, which uses an air-fired propulsion mechanism to fire rounds, is not classified by the ATF as a firearm. Some states and local municipalities regulate the shipping or use of the Byrna or its live rounds. The Byrna is NOT a toy. You must be over 18 years of age to purchase a Byrna. Check the FAQ page for more information.

Who is behind Byrna?

Security Devices International Inc. (“SDI”) is a Boston based company hat develops and sells non lethal weapons and ammunition. The Byrna HDis our first product specifically developed for use by consumers. You can check the parent company out at or email for more information.