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Byrna HD Kinetic Projectiles (Box of 95)

Byrna HD Kinetic Projectiles (Box of 95)

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Our Byrna HD Kinetic Projectiles do not contain any active or inert ingredients that can discourage, deter, and delay an attacker as well as provide useful training, without the necessity of traveling to a practice range. These training projectiles do not break upon impact.

Please exercise caution while using. Magazine not included.

"They shoot very well"

Raymond M. - Verified Buyer

"Good value for training purposes!"

C.H. - Verified Buyer - Verified Buyer

"A must have for training and defense"

Amy T. - Verified Buyer

"They hurt like hell!"

Jim D. - Verified Buyer

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See The Effectiveness Of Our Kinetic Projectiles

Disorient and dissuade would-be attackers with a warning shot of hard plastic projectiles. They hurt like hell.

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