Byrna CA Course - Security Guard and Chemical Agent Certification

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Byrna CA Course - Security Guard and Chemical Agent Certification

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*Please note that the Byrna BSIS Course is not eligible for refund.

Byrna’s constant drive to make sure everyone is prepared to defend themselves and their families can once again be seen in our new, Byrna California Security Guard and Chemical Agent Certification Course.

While normal citizens are not allowed to carry “tear gas” weapons which includes Byrna Max and Pepper Rounds, state law allows exemptions for certified security guards.

Byrna has been approved by the California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services as a training provider and this course meets the requirements to allow California residents to not only become registered security guards but also to be qualified to purchase chemical agents.

This combined, 12 hour course includes the material for both the “Guard Card” course as well as the Chemical Agent Course and is taught 100% online. After registering for the course, which includes a series of video lectures and quizzes, students have up to 60 days to complete the material on their own pace. Upon successful completion, students will be sent their certificates for both courses.

Byrna is constantly striving to make sure you can have the right tools at the right time so that if the safety of yourself or your family is threatened, you are prepared to defend.

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Registration FAQ's

  • How do I obtain my Guard Card after course completion?
    • Upon course completion you must submit your course completion certificate to the BSIS and pay a $55 application fee.
    • Additionally, you must submit to a background check with the BSIS costing $51.
  • How do I maintain current BSIS certification in the future?
    • Within the first 6 months of obtaining your BSIS card there is an additional 32 hours of training as required by the BSIS.
    • After 2 years you will be required to pay a $40 renewal fee.  This renewal is valid for 2 years and a new renewal is required when the existing has expired.
  • After I checkout how do I proceed to course material?
    • You will get an email asking you to confirm your account from Byrna Academy.  Follow this link to create your password and access the course.
  • I am being taken to a page that asks me to pay for the course again.
    • You may have tried to access the course before confirming your email and creating a password.  Assure you do this first before trying to access the course material.
  • How long do I have to finish the course?
    • You have 60 days from your date of purchase to complete the course before it expires.
  • The module I am on is saying "This Content is Locked".
    • If content is locked on the course, you must complete  100% of the previous sections (this includes watching the entire lecture from start to finish) and completing any quizzes before proceeding.
  • What happens if I fail the final exam?
    • Don't sweat, you have unlimited attempts to pass the final exam.
  • How long is my BSIS card valid for?
    • The BSIS card is valid for 24 months.
  • What if I already have a BSIS Card and would like to purchase chemical rounds in California?

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