Why the Byrna HD is the BEST security device for Synagogues, Churches and other Houses of Worship

Most private security guards are not allowed to carry a firearm on the job. In order to effectively do their job, however, they need something capable of disabling and/or incapacitating a would- be assailant. The range of possibilities run from clubs, stun guns and pepper spray to Tasers and launchers like the Byrna HD.

The drawback of clubs, stun guns and pepper sprays is their limited effective range. These weapons are designed for close quarter combat. The Taser, while it provides greater standoff distance is still limited to a 15-foot range. Moreover, the Taser is a single shot device. If you miss, or if a probe does not anchor itself properly, there is no second chance. Even in the best of situations, with security guards that are highly trained in self-defense, you want to avoid letting a situation escalate to the point where you are engaging an assailant in hand to hand combat. This is even more important when volunteers provide security or guards do not have police or military training. The Byrna HD, by contrast, allows guards to engage a threat at distances up to 60 feet. There is also a Picatinny rail, which makes adding a laser sight quick and easy. With a laser sight installed, the Byrna HD becomes simple to use as a “point and shoot” device.

Because of the nature of these other devices and the high cost of each Taser round, it is difficult to train with either a Taser or with stun guns, batons, pepper spray and the like. Conversely, Byrna HD offers inexpensive training rounds, which allows both volunteers and security guards to become proficient and comfortable with both the handling and operation of the Byrna HD. If the first time a guard is expected to use a weapon is when they are confronted with a real-life threat, there is a high likelihood of a tragic outcome. In order to be operationally effective, guards must constantly train with the tools that they are expected to employ when facing a real-life intruder or assailant.

The Byrna HD also comes with a five-round magazine and tactical magazine carriers that can be worn on a belt. This allows guards to make quick magazine changes, giving them the ability to fire off 10 rounds in rapid succession. Byrna HD also offers both tactical holsters, for quick draw capabilities, as well as concealed-carry holsters that can be worn on the belt or over the shoulder (as the congregants may not want to see guards carrying guns inside the synagogue, church or mosque). When an officer draws his Byrna HD however, everyone, including the assailant, will think that it is a real firearm. This is an important deterrent. In several real-life situations, simply drawing the Byrna HD and pointing it at the attacker has been enough to get the would-be assailant to surrender or flee.

To better understand the effectiveness of the Byrna HD, please go to our YouTube channel and take a look at the videos of Byrna’s employees getting shot with both the kinetic rounds and the chemical irritant rounds. As is evident from the videos, the Kinetic rounds are quite painful and will stop all but the most motivated assailants. If you are facing a committed assailant (particularly one armed with a gun), you will want to use the Byrna HD black chemical irritant rounds. These rounds, filled with OC (pepper), CS (tear gas) and Pava (synthetic pepper) are quite nasty and will quickly blind an attacker for up to 30 minutes while also putting them into respiratory distress. I don’t care how tough someone is, if they are blinded and gasping for air, they cannot carry out their attack.

I have a concealed carry permit and I own several handguns. If I am honest with myself, however, I don’t know how quick I would be to pull the trigger. The simple truth is that most people hesitate when confronting an assailant. Unfortunately, that can be a fatal second. On the other hand, if one reacts too quickly, they could make a fatal mistake. And even if they are justified in pulling the trigger, taking a life will have profound effects (legal, financial and psychological) on the shooter. This is particularly true for civilians or security guards that are not trained to deal with these life and death situations. With the Byrna HD, guards will not hesitate to pull the trigger. There are no fatal mistakes. An hour later, the victim is fine. In the event that the threat is real, however, the Byrna HD will provide the time needed to apprehend the suspect and to let the congregants get out of harm’s way.

I lost my wife quite a while ago and have brought up three daughters as a single dad. Their safety has always been of paramount concern to me. That was one of the reasons I spearheaded the development of this product. I wanted to be able to give my daughters a safe, effective and non-lethal personal security device. I knew that they would never carry a handgun, but they are all willing to carry a Byrna HD (outfitted with a laser sight). My youngest daughter is now in medical school and often leaves the hospital late at night. It is not a great neighborhood. I sleep much better knowing that she is carrying a Byrna HD.

I am a strong believer in the Byrna HD and in non-lethal self-defense. Given the level of violence and the number of hate-crimes, we all need to take the protection of our loved ones as seriously as we can. The Byrna HD allows us to do that without having to resort to deadly force.

Thank you for your interest in the Byrna HD personal security device.

Bryan Ganz, CEO Byrna Technologies Inc.