Byrna Recreation - Have Fun While Practicing Self-Defense

Fun and inexpensive training for all, including women and new shooters.

First, we want to state that in no way should the Byrna HD be considered a toy. Although non-lethal, it is still a serious self-defense device that could cause serious injury if improperly handled or used. That said, one thing that we don’t talk about much, and may possibly be overlooked, is what we will call the “recreational” value of the Byrna HD. Simply put, many people have communicated that it is fun to shoot, and it doesn’t require a lot of special conditions to do that.

Being CO2 powered, produces relatively little noise and no recoil or cordite fumes that come from explosively powered firearms. It’s one of the reasons the Byrna HD is not classified as a firearm. It also has a limited range – up to 60 feet. While this is a great feature for the type of self-defense tool it is, allowing effective stopping with some distance, you don’t have to worry about rounds traveling hundreds of feet or yards and causing damage.

Using Byrna HD Inert projectile practice rounds, you can easily set up a practice firing range in a reasonable space, like a backyard setting or garage. You can attach the Byrna HD target posters to a cardboard box, or other surface that you don’t worry about, and proceed to get in some target practice. You should do this anyway – even if you didn’t buy it with the intention of using it recreationally. The fact is, you should feel comfortable, if not proficient, with any device you would use to defend yourself. There is no substitute for muscle memory in a crisis situation. You will gain the benefits of accuracy, reaction time and confidence.

With the Byrna HD, you don’t have to go to a firing range to get close to a “real gun” shooting experience. The feel, balance and operation will quickly become familiar and comfortable the more you use it. You will soon find why we say you can empower yourself – feeling confident, secure and safe with the Byrna HD. And you can have fun doing it.


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