Keep Those Pesky Critters At Bay

racoon in daylight

We love our customers and hearing about their Byrna HD experiences. Do you have pesky critters in your back yard? John sure did and was grateful to have his Byrna HD ready to use:

Date: 10-15-2019, 6:05 PM

Last week my hunting dog was barking at a racoon that was in front of my house. We live by the Missouri River in Iowa. I decided to put her her leash on, and taker her out side to scare the racoon away. I was wearing just a pair of shorts sandals, and no shirt. The weather was nice.

My dog was barking her head off when the coon charged me, and my dog. My wife was at the front door screaming it is right behind you I barely made it through the door with my dog. The racoon was still tying to tget through the door into my home. It left my front porch, and I watched the raccoon stumble across the front yard.

A few days ago earlier I had purchase a Byrna Self Defense pistol. I had it loaded with Byrna black rounds in the magazine, but I had not fired it yet. Wearing the same clothes, should have changed, I went out the front door and from 25 feet I shot the racooon twice in the head. The raccoon flipped into its back with all four feet going crazy.

I returned to my house, got my pellet rife and dispatched the raccoon. Animal control came out to pick up the dead raccoon and old me they were sure it was rabid. This made me a very firm believer in the Byrna HD.

- John