The Byrna News Desk Ep1

Welcome to the Byrna’s news desk, a new segment designed to keep you informed about how Byrna is making an impact all over the globe.

Byrna has been gaining incredible traction in many other parts of the world, but most recently is being used by more and more law enforcement agencies in Latin America. Just recently in Lanus, Police were called to a report of an attacker wielding a knife but, as can be seen here, Police quickly subdued the assailant with just a few rounds from a Byrna SD.

And just in the last couple of weeks, the Province of Cordoba conducted a press conference after purchasing a thousand Byrna launchers to put in the hands of their entire police force.

The success of Byrna in Latin America has been so prominent this year that it has even gained the attention of several political figures including one of the front runners for Argentina’s Presidential election who vows to put less-lethal weapons including Byrna’s in the hands of every police officer in Argentina if elected.


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Lanus Police subdue knife wielding attacker with Byrna SD:


Province of Cordoba Argentina purchases 1,000 Byrna launchers for Police Force:


Argentina Presidential Candidate Interview:


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