Special Forces Veteran uses Byrna to save wife during attack

Marvin, a United States Special Forces Veteran, said he didn’t hesitate to use his Byrna when a dispute intensified.

“If I had a real firearm, I would have been very, very hesitant to use it,” Marvin said.

A few months ago, Marvin’s mother-in-law passed away. While his wife and her father were mourning her death, unwanted family members arrived at the home looking for trouble.

“I was outside in a carport area trying to block the door with her father trying to keep two people from entering, and there was one that made their way in. It started getting very heated. It was starting to get out of control,” he explained.

Marvin said the family members were yelling, screaming, and not backing down. So, his wife, knowing the Byrna is non-lethal, said ‘shoot,’ and Marvin fired his Byrna filled with pepper projectiles.  

“It was a matter of two seconds, and it was over. It took the fight out of them,” he said. “These people were in their mid-20s, and so these people are in pretty good shape and got a good pair of lungs on them.”

The shots were fired from approximately 25-40 ft. and they felt the effects of the pepper projectile for half an hour, according to Marvin. That allowed enough time for police to arrive and remove them.

“I was so glad that I had it; had it been a real firearm, I would have been very hesitant to use it,” he restated. “And sometimes making a decision that’s two or three seconds actually could have ended her life or somebody else’s,” he said. “It made me feel good knowing (it was non-lethal) because when I was in Special Forces, I’ve taken a lot of lives, and you know you never get over that feeling.” 

Marvin’s wife, who did not want a firearm in the house, also believes in the power of the Byrna platform. His wife, an attorney, who has been attacked by a client contemplated getting a firearm in the past.

“I wanted to buy a gun, but I wouldn’t because I was scared that I would hesitate, and they (the suspect) would get the gun from me. I’m not sure if I could really take a life even if mine was in danger,” she said. “It’s not like the old days using a real gun even if you’re protecting your family or your house. I’ve seen it go wrong, so many times, and so many people end up in jail even though they were defending themselves.”

“It is the feeling of being armed without being arrested,” Marvin added.

The couple said they’ve experienced other unsafe incidents. Especially in their Louisiana town, where they’ve seen an increase in crime. Recently, Marvin had a run-in with a homeless man, and he said as soon as the man saw the Byrna, he turned around and left.  

“It was a good deterrent. I don’t know what would have happened that day if I hadn’t been wearing it,” he said. “I am 58-years-old, so I’m not that, you know, that crazy Special Forces guy ...they taught me when I was in the military there’s always someone out there that is better than you. And always remember that, but it gives me a great sense of security.”

Marvin said people always ask about his Byrna, and if someone asks why they should buy it, he says, ‘why not?”

“When you buy a car, you have to have car insurance. You’ve got a life well, this is your life insurance policy. I think everyone should have one,” he said.

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