Self-defense instructor trusts Byrna for students and church

A home defense instructor turned to Byrna when he began looking for non-lethal options for his students.

Mark Ford, a firearms practitioner, said over the years his concerns grew over self-defense, conceal carry, home defense, and church security. 

“I began to do some research to present home defense training to our church family,” he said. 

Although Ford’s military background had familiarized him with various lethal weapons, he wanted an option for those who wanted a non-lethal weapon.

“And so, when I saw the Byrna, that just floored me,” he said. “I was very impressed.”

Ford said he particularly liked that you could train with the Byrna in a backyard and the user doesn’t need to have “that great of a shot,” because indirect shots are also effective with chemical rounds.

“It just gives you all kinds of comfort,” he said.

During his home defense lessons, Ford said he always asks students about their strategy if an intruder ever entered their home. He emphasizes the importance of planning, training, and having tools that the homeowner is comfortable with. 

“You’ve got to have that final defense stand that’s going to protect your family. And again, lethal, or non-lethal,” he said. “But my first option would always be to use non-lethal.”

Ford believes that until now, there hasn’t been a good non-lethal option, so he’s tremendously excited he found Byrna.

“I'm just thrilled that I have an option there to actually protect my family, protect myself, and protect our church family with non-lethal options,” he said.


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