Only If They Had a Byrna: Two Cheerleaders Shot by Mistake

On this episode of “Only if he had a Byrna”… Two cheerleaders in Elgin, TX were shot in the parking lot of an HEB following cheer practice after they mistakenly got into a car they believed to belong to their friend.

The occupant of the car immediately got out and began firing rounds from a handgun into the vehicle, striking both the cheerleaders. The shooter was promptly arrested and is facing felony charges.

While any use of force must be reasonable to prevent imminent harm, If he had only had a Byrna, its likely that while the shooter may still be in some hot water for reacting recklessly, but two role model teenagers would not have been fighting for their lives and the shooter would not be looking at a long stretch of prison time.

Be smart, be safe, and be prepared to defend


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