MMA Fighter Jay Silva understands the importance of Byrna

Professional MMA fighter Jay Silva joined Byrna Technologies at Show Shot 2022 in Las Vegas. While there, Jay spoke to Byrna Technologies Director of Law Enforcement Josh Schirard.

MMA Fighter Jay Silva is definitely a Byrna supporter and Byrna owner as well. Jay, you grew up in New York and you spent some time as a bouncer.

I was about 10-years-old when I lived in New York.


We talked about how you realized that you needed to be better at defending yourself  

Back then I was a bouncer and I was trying to protect myself. Now, I can fight. I can go anywhere, I'm safe. And that was a big deal.


Who do you feel the Byrna is best suited for?

Kids, women, everybody. I feel like the Byrna is good for everybody. People that need to protect themselves. People that are vulnerable.


Even for a crowd that does carry guns out there and you know, you grew up in a place where not a lot of people could carry. Do you feel there is a place for Byrna there?

People feel more comfortable with the Byrna. With a gun, it is a human life that you are taking at the end of the day even if you are defending yourself. With the Byrna you don’t have to worry about it. You just defend yourself. I don’t have to think about going to court or getting locked up. With the Byrna you have everything you need.


Jay, thank you so much for coming down today and giving us your knowledge.  

Self Defense Has A New Hero.


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