Man stops parking lot dispute with Byrna

To this day, Mike Harris wonders what would have happened if his Byrna wasn’t by his side. When Harris stopped by a Nevada DMV office, he expected nothing but to get some help with licensing. However, that wasn’t all that happened. 

“I completed my business at the DMV and came back out to my car and I just so happened to be in the very last parking space directly beside the median or island for that aisle,” he explained.

As Harris left his parking spot, he said he needed to make a three-point turn to leave.

“As I turn, my car is now facing the opposite direction, I am now head-to-head with another vehicle,” he said. 

Instantly, Harris said he thought that he was in the wrong until he looked around. 

“I look around and realized that in fact I am right next to the median that I just turned across and I am not in the oncoming lane,” he said. “This guy in his haste has just flown into the outgoing lane and we came head-to-head.”

Harris said the other driver pressed his horn, giving a full blast of sound.

“I instantly stop and realize I am in the right. And so, I look back at him and I mouth to him through the glass, ‘unless you move, I guess we both live here,’” he said. “I guess that is all he needed to set him off and he got out of his car.”

According to Harris, the driver opened his car door, screaming and yelling, as he headed towards him.

“I instantly went to the glove box,” Harris said. “I fill my hand with Byrna and by the time I got Byrna and it is resting on the passenger seat, and I happened to turn to the window, and he is there, he fills the driver’s side window.”

Harris said the driver could see everything in his vehicle and he believes the driver saw him move his Byrna from safety to fire.

“From that moment, all he did was stop. You could see him physically stop,” he said.

“He screamed and yelled but didn’t go any further and eventually as he said his piece. He walked back to his vehicle, got into his car and he slowly drove off.”

Harris then returned his Byrna to the glove box and continued to exit the DMV.

“I am proof that in a position where it is a heated, escalated position where someone else intimidated me, we were both able to go home and carry on our lives. For me, that’s worth its weight in gold and I am Byrna all the way,” he said.

Self-Defense Has A New Hero. 


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