Limp Bizkit's DJ Lethal goes non-lethal

He may be DJ Lethal on stage but the turntablist and producer behind Limp Bizkit and former House of Pain member is showing his support for non-lethal weapons.

Earlier this week, DJ Lethal joined part of the Byrna Technologies team including Byrna Brenda at Backstage Bar & Billiards in downtown Las Vegas. He shared his thoughts on Byrna that were also posted on his Instagram account.

In his social media post, DJ Lethal gave praise to the Byrna HD, saying it is the “best in #nonlethal protection.” While showing his support, he wrote, "I am #DJLethal but off stage I am #DJPeaceful." Adding, the Byrna can help deescalate a lot of situations without the use of deadly force. 

DJ Lethal also trusts his Byrna to protect his family, during outings such as hiking or camping. Plus, the Byrna is Mama Lethal approved.

His support also caught the attention of Loudwire, an online magazine covering the music industry. 

The Byrna HD looks like a gun and performs like a gun, but it is designed to be non-lethal. It is powered by compressed air (CO2) and shoots .68 caliber round kinetic and chemical irritant projectiles that can disable a threat from up to 60-feet away.

The Byrna HD is available to individuals 18 and older. It does not require a background check or permits to carry and own it.

So you can also add it to your “mess around and find out collection” just like DJ Lethal.

Self Defense Has A New Hero. 


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