Influencer takes control of self-defense after home break-in

Influencer T-Leesh has built a community of followers in the firearm  industry, but she wasn’t always the gun enthusiast that she is today. 

A moment in her life, changed the way she thought of self-defense and preparedness. 

“Someone broke into my house in Houston. I was sleeping one night and I heard a big noise that woke me up,” she explained.

At first, she thought it was sound from a storm or a tree branch, so she went back to sleep. Later, when she looked into her closet, she noticed something.

 “There is like a huge hole. Like where the attic goes,” she explained, as she described the discovery as something you would read about in a book.

“I was like, damn, did somebody get in my house through it? And I was like, that just sounds crazy,” she said. Ultimately, she called the police.

“I just felt helpless,” she said. At the time, she did not have any weapons in her home and was afraid whoever accessed her unit would be back before the police arrived.

When officers inspected her unit and the hole, they realized neighboring units were easily accessible.

“So I lived in townhouses and they’re actually connected to the other unit. So, I can go up there and walk to the next unit and lift up the attic, with their blessing, I didn’t know such thing existed about my whole place to secure,” she said.

Afterwards, she started training with police officers, SWAT officers and fell in love with the empowerment of self-defense. When she learned about Byrna, she thought of all the people who could benefit from the platform.

“It’s very, very accurate, I think it would definitely get the job done without killing anybody,” she said. “It’s good for somebody that has a felony, I have a lot of friends who have felonies and stuff and they already paid their debt to society, they should be able to protect themselves.”

She believes there is a diverse group of people who can benefit from the Byrna.

“Females, people with a lot of children in the house …Everybody, just everybody,” she said.

Self Defense Has A New Hero. 


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